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Everyone Marries

The very first wedding I was asked to conduct was for a bride and groom who were students from Bangladesh. They were both Muslim and I was made to feel part of their family.

The next wedding was for a bride and groom who were Jewish Russians, and once again I was welcomed by all.

I went on to conduct weddings for Thai Buddhists, Cambodian and Sri Lankan Buddhists, (they each have subtle differences), and others. I have conducted dozens of services for students from all over the world, and the most humbling thing for me is the way in which people of all ages and walks of life are looking outward and forward with all the enthusiasm and optimism they could possibly possess.

I can sense their hearts are beating together in unison, ready to face the triumphs and challenges that life has to offer.

What a great country we live in, what an extraordinary time in the world's history we occupy. There are incredible changes happening almost daily; tolerance, understanding and compassion are being learned and applied in Australia and everyone benefits.

Sometimes despite the best intentions of all parties we discover that not all marriages are made in heaven and sadly they break down.

Human spirit being what is though, when dreams shatter, new ones arise and experiences, good and bad shape and mould us to try again, put ourselves forward.

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant I am grateful for the opportunities this position presents to me.

No matter where in the Australia or the world you are from, please, give me a call or send an email and speak to me about how I can work with you to provide the sensitive and sensible service that will help make your wedding day exactly what you want it to be.

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